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The Winning Formula for Social Media Success (Beauty Brand Edition)

TikTok just dropped their beauty playbook which shares insights for small and medium beauty brands - including what they can learn from the top brands in the industry and some powerful statistics which should persuade every brand who doesn't have a TikTok presence to get signing up, pronto!

We took a deep dive into the report, and created some real life examples to help small and medium beauty brands create or improve their social media strategy.

What do the most successful beauty brands have in common?

  1. Resonance

  2. Connection

  3. Approachability

If there's anything your social media strategy needs now, it's these three components above.

The main takeaway from this report shows that successful beauty brands have a tone across their social channels that is human and likeable.

Lets' break that down and see what that actually looks like when it comes to content.

1. Resonance: 

Understand what resonates with your audience on an emotional level.

2. Connection: 

Connect with your audience in new ways on social platforms, making business products and services more relatable.

3. Approachability: 

Put a face to your brand. The best campaigns inject emotional connection by using their senior team, employees, or creators as the face of their brand.

Let's take a look at some leading beauty and skincare brands that are paving the way with their social media strategy and how they excel in these areas:

1. Resonance:

Who is your audience demographic? Is it people with skin issues seeking tips? Women over 30 who respond positively to feel-good campaigns? Millennials who resonate with a luxury lifestyle and aesthetically pleasing reels? Identifying your audience first will allow you to test and find what resonates.

Example Brand: The Ordinary

The Ordinary has a huge number of followers (1.6m on TikTok and 2m followers on Instagram). Looking through their content there are plenty of examples where they hit all three of these key components. A great example of 'resonance' is their video demonstrating how their products work for teen skin. By using a teenager applying the product with a simple skincare routine, they resonate with that audience effectively. Consumers like to see how products perform on similar skin types or body types, making it easier for them to connect with the brand.

Recommendation: Find creators who fit the demographic of your audience and use them to create reels across your social channels. At UGCers, we can help you source the best creators and we have a huge number of affordable creators who are passionate about beauty and skincare.

2. Connection:

Making your products/services less dry and more relatable. The Ordinary’s example also ties into this by using creators or customers with similar skin/body types, creating a relatable connection. However, it goes further by tapping into the emotional side of the consumer.

Dove excels in this area with its inclusive messaging, connecting with consumers by promoting positive messages about all body types and skin types. How can you do this with your beauty or skincare brand, even with smaller budgets? Consider your demographics. Are you targeting women with families? Post positive messages about motherhood. Targeting affluent customers? Connect on an inspirational lifestyle level. If your audience responds well to humour, incorporate that. Sparking a positive emotion from your social media posts is key.

Here are two perfect examples from Summer Fridays.

The first example is a reel which speaks to mums. Take a look at the messaging of the reel and the comments which spark a conversation around how difficult but rewarding it is being a mum. This is the perfect example of content with a connection.

This second example shows that Summer Fridays can also tap into their audience with some light humour, which doesn't promote too heavily and shows some personality behind the brand.

Recommendation: To find out what your audience connects with, use your demographics as a starting point. This will help you find niche topics like the motherhood example above for Summer Fridays. Humour is always a great place to start however, as most people regardless of age or location will connect and respond positively to humour.

3. Approachability:

An approachable brand is another content theme that all successful beauty brands have in common. TikTok's report highlights that top beauty brands often use their staff and the faces behind the brand on social media, building customer trust. Laneige does this extremely well - and it's super easy for brand owners to do the same.

Check out the reel showing their team taking part in a TikTok challenge, showcasing the brand's personality and making the team appear fun and approachable. This makes consumers more likely to purchase.

Recommendation: Some ideas and themes to take part in could be packing customer orders, doing challenges and dances, or showing product Q&As in the form of a reel.


We hope these real life examples from top beauty brands have sparked some creative ideas if you are a small to medium beauty brand. The key takeaway is to always remember to stay relatable - this means that every social media post doesn't have to be a hard product sell. Always remember to keep to the core components: resonance, connection and approachability.

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