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23 Paid Ad Hook Ideas To Use In Reels

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

If you're new to running user-generated content ads on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram Reels, it's crucial to understand that you only have three seconds to grab your audience's attention with your creative.

Social media conditioning has led to habitual scrolling, making it vital to have a strong hook to stop users and avoid increased CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).

In this article, we have provided 23 paid ad hook ideas to get you started. These angles will are attention-grabbing, thought-provoking, and catchy ad introductions that don't instantly look like a paid piece of content.

In each example, we show how this could be used with a product or service. Let's dive right in to our paid ad hook ideas below!

23 Paid Ad Hook Ideas & Examples

View the slideshow below to browse through our 23 examples, or keep scrolling to see the full list

1) How to achieve [outcome] without [obstacle].

E.g. How to achieve a 7-figure business without any capital

2) Imagine [outcome] with only [small input]

E.g. Imagine glossy hair with only 1 product

3) My [X] sucked/was a mess until I found this [product]

E.g. My life was a mess until I found this habit tracker

4) Discover the secret to [X] that no one else is talking about

E.g. Discover the secret to investing that no one else is talking about

5) How I got [X] to go from [before] to this [after]

E.g. How I got my hair to go from this (show before photo), to this (show after photo).

6) This is what would happen if you used [product/service] every day for [timescale]

E.g. This is what would happen if you used coconut oil every day for 1 month

7) I replaced my [product/service/thing] with [product/service] and this is what happened...

E.g. I replaced my breakfast with this protein shake and this is what happened...

8) The first step to [desired outcome]

E.g. The first step to better sleep

9) This one is for [insert audience]

E.g. This one is for pug owners

10) You need [product/service] if you want [outcome]

E.g. You need this resistance band if you want toned arms

11) My [expert] recommended this and it [x]

E.g. My PT recommended this nutrition app and it changed my eating habits

12) I tried every [product] out there, here are the results

E.g. I tried every hair growth product out there and here are the results

13) Before you buy another [product], watch this

E.g. Before you buy another detergent, watch this

14) My no1 most complimented [product]

E.g. My no1 most complimented dress

15) Stop scrolling if you want/need [outcome]

E.g. Stop scrolling if you need healthy food ideas in under 10 minutes

16) Stop making this [industry] mistake

E.g. Stop making this cooking mistake

17) Here's why I don't [x] and you shouldn't either

E.g. Here's why I don't track calories and you shouldn't either

18) Three things you can do right now to improve [x]

E.g. Three things you can do right now to improve productivity

19) The best [product] you'll ever [x]

E.g. The best sports bra you'll ever try

20) Sick of [product pain point]? Try [x] instead

E.g. Sick of see-through leggings? Try these instead

21) POV, you tried [product]

E.g. POV, you tried Skims

22) My favourite [product] to make [x] easy

E.g. The favourite planner to make organisation easy

23) Imagine if [x] was [x]

E.g. Imagine if meal prep was easy

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